Paying for care

When you find you need to look for care and support for yourself or a family member, it’s important to not only know what kind of care and support is available but also how to fund the care required.

Unlike healthcare, social care is not free for everyone. Most people have to pay something towards their own care but it will depend on your needs, the type of care you require and how much money you have.

You can self refer to Hampshire County Council Adult Services Department for support where they may offer you a financial assessment to ascertain your funding situation. You can call them on 0845 600 4555.

  1. For those that are eligible there are different types of funding available including Adult services Funding, NHS funding, Direct Payments and welfare benefits.

  2. If you are not eligible for government-funded care you will be considered as a Private Service User, you will enter into a contract with our services and be invoiced directly every four weeks. We can arrange for this invoice to be sent directly to a family member if this is helpful to you. You will be able to choose from the wide services we offer without the limitations of having adult services funding.

  3. External, helpful paying for care links

    NHS Choices

    Money Advice Service



Direct Payments

If you are receiving social care services and want more control over the care you receive, Direct Payments can be a great option.

The Direct Payments service has been set up to give you greater choice and control over your life and the care you receive. It involves you receiving money directly from the council that you can then use to pay for your care. 

With Direct Payment, you could employ your own staff or appoint Numada as your agency which gives you control over how your care is provided and allows you choose your own activities to suit your schedule. 

Some of the advantages of Direct Payments include:

• More choice and control over your care

  • • Increased independence

  • More flexibility - so your care can fit around the way you choose to live your life rather than the other way around

  • You can organise your own care arrangements as long as your assessed needs are met

You’ll need to be able to manage your direct payments (either by yourself or with help). If you don’t think you’ll be able to manage, you can always nominate someone else to manage your payments for you. If there’s a reason that a council can’t offer you Direct Payments they’ll advise you. There are also services out there that help you manage your Direct Payments, one of which is Independent Lives, have a look at their website for more information.



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